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  • New partnerships and developments in the DeFi world: from DeFiMetaChain updates to DeFighter Headquarters.

New partnerships and developments in the DeFi world: from DeFiMetaChain updates to DeFighter Headquarters.

In todays edition InTheMarket:

  • Strategic partnership between VanillaSwap and ebox

  • DeFiMetaChain update and RC1 withdrawal

  • Beta Quests live at Dmany and Jellyverse

  • Presentation of DeFighter Headquarters

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Welcome to a new edition of the InTheMarket newsletter! There are exciting news and developments in the world of DeFiChain. Let's get started right away!

Strategic partnership between VanillaSwap and ebox and testnet airdrop for VAN and Mlend tokens

There is exciting news from the DeFiChain ecosystem. VanillaSwap has announced a strategic partnership with ebox. Both projects, MetaLend and VanillaSwap, are now available again on the Beta 14 version of the testnet.

For Testnet users: how to participate in the airdrop

  • Step 1: Install Metamask.

  • Step 2: Connect Metamask with DMC Testnet.

    • Network name: DMC Testnet

    • RPC URL: https://dmc.mydefichain.com/changi

    • Chain ID: 1133

    • Currency symbol: DFI

  • Step 3: Receive Testnet DFI from Faucet (http://tc04.mydefichain.com/faucet/index.php).

  • Step 4: Go to http://metalend.fi/app-test and follow the instructions for Lending and Leverage.

The community also has the chance to receive an additional airdrop worth $750 by giving feedback.

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This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to try out the features of VanillaSwap and ebox before they go live.

Update of the DeFiMetaChain and withdrawal of RC1

For those unfamiliar with the DeFiChain development process, there are three main stages in the development cycle: beta, release candidate (RC), and mainnet. While the beta stage is tested on the Changi network, the RC version is tested on the testnet before finally going live on the mainnet.

Chronological events and discoveries

  • Release of RC1: The first release version (RC1) for the MetaChain upgrade was recently released. The goal is to upgrade the testnet this week.

  • Feedback and Issues: Two main issues were identified after the release, including an invalid transaction and a possible overflow in miner calculations.

  • Withdrawal of RC1: Due to these issues, the RC has been withdrawn and the team is currently working on bug fixes.

Current Status

The development team is strictly following the development cycle from Changi to Testnet to Mainnet. While Changi is used for all consensus changes, Testnet is used for stable releases (RCs) so the community can test their apps and prepare for changes.


Although the RC had to be withdrawn due to discovered issues, this is not a risk factor for the mainnet. The quality and testing process has improved significantly compared to last year.

Recent updates

According to a tweet by Peter Bushnell, DeFiChain version 4.0.0-beta15 has been released. Due to some bugs in RC1, the beta version was reverted back to. A new RC and a testnet upgrade are expected soon (nobody knows how long it will take).

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Beta Quests live at Dmany and Jellyverse

The partnership between Dmany and Jellyverse has reached a major milestone: the first beta quests are now LIVE and open to invited contributors!

My personal experience as a Beta-Tester:

I am currently a beta tester for these quests and have already successfully completed one. The user interface is clear and everything is well explained. I still have two more quests to go. Currently it is possible to earn experience points (XP), but soon the rewards will also be distributed in USDT.

Future prospects:

The quest system is expected to play a valuable role in the decentralized engagement platform and provides an exciting opportunity for content creators and other DeFighters to actively participate and be rewarded for doing so.

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This feature could prove to be an important tool for the organic growth strategy by actively engaging and rewarding users. I'm excited to see how the project evolves!

Presentation of DeFighter Headquarters

Michael Fuchs, known by his Twitter name @dt_buzzjoe, introduces us to DeFighter Headquarters. This project is still in the development phase and not yet live, but it shows great potential.

What is DeFighter Headquarter?

DeFighter Headquarter is intended to be a platform for DeFiChain community members. Here the focus will be on friendly, respectful and intelligent discussions, unlike the trolling and spamming often found in other communities.

Guiding values:

  • Friendliness

  • Respect

  • Intelligence

  • Patience

  • Knowledge


Missions are specific assignments in the form of social media posts and other content types aimed at increasing awareness and adoption of DeFiChain.


  • Communication Platform: a place for quality discussion and sharing about DeFiChain.

  • Community Guiding Values: DeFighter values respect, intelligence, and kindness.

  • Mission Focus: Targeted actions to spread the word about DeFiChain.

  • In Development: Project is currently in progress and not yet live.

  • Website: https://defighter-hq.defichain-votings.com/#/


DeFighter Headquarters could become an important hub for the DeFiChain community to collaborate in a respectful and intelligent way. This can be a useful addition to existing platforms and help create a more positive and productive online environment.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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